Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF - also known as DIY or Mum and Dad funds) are the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry.

Many individuals, families and self-employed are actively seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of their superannuation whilst increasing the level of control and direction of their financial retirement and lifestyle goals.

Through the leveraging of technology, education and support services Merlea Investments in conjunction with SMSF Basics a professional SMSF firm dedicated providing support for self directed investors and business affiliations is able to offer SMSF's as a viable alternative to Retail and Industry based managed superannuation funds.

As a result of our commitment to efficiency and first class technology, Merlea Investments are able to deliver an establishment and administrative platform that enables you to control your retirement savings and focus on the most important thing - your retirement goals.

Benefits of a SMSF

Take control of your retirement - many people like you are considering establishing and administering your own Self Managed Super Funds.

Self Managed Super Funds benefit individual members by providing:


You have complete control over how your superannuation is invested, when it's invested and where it's invested.


You can invest the accumulated wealth of your fund in a wide range of assets and markets, both at home and abroad.


With your adviser's advice you can put in place strategies which can give you advantages not available in publicly available funds.

Tax Concessions

During accumulation and draw down of your benefits, your fund will be taxed at confessional rates sanctioned by the Government.


By investing directly into shares or property you may be able to reduce fees.


Effective tax planning and the savings realised by managing your own fund can make a significant difference to the bottom line upon retirement.


Establishing a SMSF

Merlea Investments can assist you by recommending a complete establishment and administration solution provided by smsfbasics™.

The full establishment service provided consists of a compliance package designed specifically for SMSFs that includes the trust deed, investment strategy and other documentation required to create the fund.

As your funds administrator smsfbasics™ provide the following:

  • Mail receipting and forwarding
  • Daily administration of fund transactions
  • Monthly reconciling of fund bank accounts
  • Benefit Payment calculation and reporting
  • Pension commencement/commutation calculations and executions
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Online access to portfolio, audit trail and reports

Managing your SMSF

Merlea Investments uses the professional services of smsfbasics™ for all your SMSF fund administration and compliance requirements. smsfbasics™ takes the hassle out of paperwork which gives you more time to work with us, implementing strategies and optimising returns for your portfolio.

In addition to the administrative services provided by smsfbasics™ we will liase with smsfbasics™ to prepare and coordinate the following:

  • Annual Financial/Member statements
  • Annual SMSF tax return
  • Actuarial assessments
  • Independent audit of the Reports and Accounts

For a complete list of the services provided by smsfbasics™ please click here.

smsf basics apply a standard fee which provides for day to day administration, reconciliation, accounting, preparation of regulatory reports and returns, audit and subsequent lodgement. Please click here for smsfbasics™ complete pricing policy.