As you move through life enjoying your current lifestyle and aiming at future financial targets, it is important to consider the risks and plan for the contingencies which could arise along the way.

If you, and your spouse, are not currently financially independent - that is, if you are not debt free and you rely on you personal exertion to finance your current as well as future lifestyle - you need to seriously consider the consequences of illness, accident or worse, death or total and permanent disablement. For most of us, our future income steam is our largest single asset and the source of our current as well as future lifestyle and we should consider protecting it.

Contingency plans, once established, should be reviewed annually to ensure your cover remains appropriate.

We see our role as:

  1. Firstly, to identify your broad risks and contingencies
  2. and then to assess and to quantify these risks in light of your desired outcomes in the event of certain eventualities occurring.

In other words, we analyse your circumstances and identify the risks. You decide what risks you wish to cover and to what extent. We then analyse the policies available in the market and select and recommend the policies most suited to your needs.

To be in a position to begin we need an accurate picture of your financial circumstances, your assets, your liabilities, your income(s) and your current cost of lifestyle. The picture is completed through your answers to a few questions.

It is up to you to decide to what extent, if any, you wish to transfer all or part of these risks to an insurance company. Unfortunately there is a direct correlation between the level of risk transferred, the quality of the relevant cover, and the cost.

In selecting the Life Offices with whom we deal we have assessed the quality of product and service and the stability and financial strength of the organisation, and importantly their attitude to claims. Competitiveness of pricing has been considered without compromising the above factors.